Selling a home in Probate

What to do when Selling a Home in Probate

Many things that must be put in order when your loved one passes, but the task does not have to be overwhelming. The probate process is enough to put most in a panic, as the complicated undertaking can be drawn out and often carries a hefty price-tag especially when selling a home in probate. Regarding … Continued

Selling your home in foreclosure

When foreclosure looms, many homeowners try to sell their homes. For them, the goal is not just to get the home sold, but to do it quickly. Foreclosure rates are the highest in buyer’s markets, when homes take a longer than average time to sell. What’s a homeowner to do? Get aggressive, and get your … Continued

How to Sell a House in Probate

Google “Selling a house in probate” and you’re likely to get lots of articles with a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo. That’s great if you’re fluent in legalese, but we at Missouri Cash Home Buyers prefer to take the simpler approach. If you’d like to know more about saving when selling a house in probate without … Continued
as is

What Does It Mean To Sell A House As Is?

When an agent lists a house ‘as is,’ this means the vendor or homeowner is selling the home in its current condition–with no renovations, repairs, or improvements prior to the sale. Most people list their property ‘as is’ because they can’t afford to do the work and they need to sell the house as soon … Continued
sell a house fast

Common Reasons People Need to Sell a House Fast

Needing to sell a house fast? Even in today’s hot seller’s market where homes attract offers in hours, it takes around 2-plus months to sell a house from list to close. And that doesn’t account for the weeks needed to clean, paint, and tidy up the property for its market debut. If you don’t have … Continued

Important Financial Factors to Consider During a Divorce

Divorce brings stressful and challenging times in the lives of two people. The legal separation is not only emotionally exhausting but also financially draining. People often feel overwhelmed while going through a divorce. Some may even hire a lawyer for divorce to get through devastating times. However, with several legal ramifications, mental stress, and emotional imbalance, … Continued
house for cash

Read This Before You Sell Your House for Cash

On the surface, fast-cash companies in real estate may not have the most pristine reputation, but you’re not crazy to consider selling your house for cash. As a rising number of companies provide cash offers for homes and improve experiences for sellers with advanced technology, the idea that you don’t have to wait months to list and … Continued
Cash home buyer

What Are The Benefits Of Selling To A Cash Home Buyer?

Moving is hard work, especially when you have to factor in all the frustrations that come with trying to sell your old house. Who has time to hire a realtor, time the sale, and deal with strangers wandering through their home? If you want to sell your home in the fastest, most stress-free way possible, we … Continued
sell your house fast

Relocating? How to Sell Your Home Fast

Relocating for a new job is stressful enough without worrying about how you’re going to sell your old home. The moment you take that new job offer, the clock starts ticking, and you’re facing pressure to sell your home under a deadline. For homeowners in certain ZIP codes, selling a home doesn’t take long. According to a … Continued
professional home buyers

Working with Professional Home Buyers

Professional home buyers, usually called ‘Investors’, are different from your ‘run of the mill’ cash buyers. Working with a cash buyer is very different from working with a professional home buyer. Professional home buyers will often do more on your behalf, while a normal cash buyers aren’t always the dream they seem to be. Below … Continued